Life Reset

Welcome to Life Reset workshops, safe spaces where you can explore where your life is today and where you want it to be tomorrow, whether that includes an improved relationship, a new career, or a divorce. Life Reset workshops help you identify what you need, when you need it, and how to make it happen.

Perhaps your life is good but needs a tweak here or there. Perhaps you want a more fulfilling career or need to adapt to a “new normal” after a health crisis. Perhaps you want to improve a long-term relationship, or find a safe and secure way out of a relationship.

Life Reset is a sanctuary where you can honor who you are today while envisioning a happier tomorrow. This is a place where you will be nurtured as you stretch and grow, testing new ideas about how your life might be. It is a place where you get to decide how to reset your life so it suits you better.

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“Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

— Mary Oliver, American Poet

As your guide and coach, I will help you set goals and design incremental, comfortable steps toward them. I can also introduce you to professionals whose expertise will be invaluable as you move into the next phase of your life.

My Story

I thought the biggest change in my life would be when I got married, or when I had children, or when I earned my PhD at age 45 and began a new career in sexuality education. I was wrong. The biggest change happened when my husband and I ended our 33-year marriage. We thought a happier life could be possible if we stepped into a new and different life.

I mourned the end of my marriage, yet I looked ahead with eagerness. Some days I was scared and questioned my choices, and some days I wondered whether I could make it on my own. There were also days that brought great joy and the reassurance that I deserve to be happy — that I deserve to grow older and not wonder, “If only…” Today, I know I can handle whatever comes my way as long as I understand my needs, set goals, and create change one thoughtful step at a time.

I bring to this work a wealth of life experience as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, a lay minister, an energy healer, a divorced woman, business person, academic, sexuality educator, and coach. You can learn more about my qualifications here. I also bring my integrity, warmth, wisdom, humor, and respect for your unique life journey.

Life Reset workshops are my way of helping others create the life they deserve. The life you deserve.

What’s a Life Reset?

Imagine a toy train’s tracks set in an oval on the floor while a little electric engine pulls train cars efficiently forward. Suddenly, the engine reaches a gap in the tracks — a misaligned connector — and the entire train veers off the track. The problem is clear, as is the solution: you need to put the tracks together correctly and reset the engine and cars.

Life Reset is a similar process on a human scale. Sometimes, our life veers off track quickly, with the loss of a job or a surprising medical diagnosis. Other times, things veer off course slowly over many years until we wake up one morning and wonder how in the world we got so far away from our expected destination. In both cases, we need a life reset before we can experience life in ways that will be meaningful to us.

I offer one-on-one coaching, resources, group programs, webinars, and Life Reset workshops, and you can take advantage of as many or as few of these services as you wish. I can create custom-tailored retreats for groups, too.

A Network of Professionals to Help You Reset Your Life

No one has every skill needed to address all of life’s challenges. For this reason, I work with a network of creative, collaborative professionals who share my commitment to helping people live their best lives. You can meet these professionals by asking for a referral or by attending a Life Reset workshop where you can speak to them privately, learn whether their services match your needs, and decide whether you want to develop a working relationship with them outside of the Life Reset workshop.

The professionals you may meet at Life Reset events include:

  • Financial planners
  • Accountants/bookkeepers
  • Lawyers specializing in mediation and divorce
  • Marriage and family therapists
  • Sex therapists
  • Child psychologists and advocates
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Wellness practitioners
  • Career coaches
  • Dating coaches
  • Home organizers
  • Real estate attorneys
  • Other affiliated professionals

Next Workshop

Exploring Your Options for Divorce and Beyond

Monday, Oct. 30, 6:30-9 p.m., Bridgewater, New Jersey 

What’s holding you back from committing to maintain, fix or end your marriage? Doubt, fear, uncertainty, and wishful thinking can make decision making hard. This workshop will help you consider where you are in your relationship and where you want to be. Guided by Melanie Davis, PhD, you will identify challenges and craft manageable goals. This is not a therapy session; rather, it is a facilitated exploration that will empower you to create change for your own and your loved ones’ happiness. You will learn from experts in relationships, mediation, collaborative divorce, financial planning, accounting, and career coaching. These compassionate advisers will provide practical tips you can use immediately, whether your goal is to remain married or to divorce. You can speak privately with any of them to discuss whether or when you may need their help.

Limited to 25 participants. Early registration is $50 until Oct. 27; regular registration is $75. Bring-a-friend discount: Save $20 when you register two people. Some scholarships are available. Price includes a light meal and beverages. Make checks or money orders payable to Honest Exchange LLC and mail to Honest Exchange, PO Box 5106, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920.

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One-on-one Life Reset coaching is available also. For a private consult, please purchase a one-hour session in Bedminster or Morristown New Jersey or complete the form below. You can use the same form to be notified of upcoming events.

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