Teen Mom Writes to SaferSex4Seniors.org

I think condoms should be used always. Who really cares if it’s sexy or not? It beats getting an STD or pregnant. My advice to all girls is have the boy use condoms. I was raped at 13 and the guy did not use a condom. I am now 14 and have a 2 month old son named Braxton. He is the light of my life but I wish he could have came when I was older and more prepared. So ladies, before having sex make sure the guy has condoms. And be careful and choosey about who you have sex with.

Dr. Melanie Davis says: Thank you for sharing your recommendations with our site visitors — you illustrate that wisdom doesn’t require advanced age. I’m so sorry that you were raped but am happy that you find joy in your son. Older men and women often assume they don’t need condoms when having sex because women in menopause can’t get pregnant. But, as you pointed out in your note, condoms beat getting a sexually transmitted infection! I wish you all the best in your journey through life. I have a hunch you’ve got the strength and character to be very happy, confident, and proud.