Our Sex Life Slowed Down. Is My Guy Moving On?

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Dear Dr. Melanie: My fiance and I have been together for almost 18 months now. When we first got together the sex was often and amazing. It lasted a very long time, and I usually had multiple orgasms. Lately I am lucky if we have sex 3 times a month, and when we do it is very short and I rarely orgasm even once. He says that he is still very attracted to me and wants me, but I feel like he doesn’t anymore. I feel like he may be wanting to leave and just doesn’t want to hurt me and my 2 children that have grown to love him. I know...

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The ABC’s of Women’s Body Parts and Sexual Pleasure

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I read a sex advice column today that mentions the G spot, A spot, U spot and C spot — all on the female body. Seriously, can we get away from this trend of making up names? The U spot is the opening to the urethra (yes, some men and women like it stimulated); the C spot is the clitoris; the G spot  is an internal pleasure zone for  some but not all women; and the A spot isn’t the anus — it’s a nerve-dense area higher up the vaginal wall than the G spot. But whatever…Let’s not get lost in lingo. ...

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