The ABC’s of Women’s Body Parts and Sexual Pleasure

I read a sex advice column today that mentions the G spot, A spot, U spot and C spot — all on the female body. Seriously, can we get away from this trend of making up names? The U spot is the opening to the urethra
(yes, some men and women like it stimulated); the C spot is the clitoris; the G spot  is an internal pleasure zone for  some but not all women; and the A spot isn’t the anus — it’s a nerve-dense area higher up the vaginal wall than the G spot.
But whatever…Let’s not get lost in lingo.  We’re adults, and we can use adult words instead of euphemisms for our sexual pleasure zones. Most women require direct, prolonged clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. Some can climax by having the front wall of the vagina deeply stroked (imagine pressure about 2″ in, pressing frontward, toward the pubic bone) — that’s commonly referred to as the G spot but may also be referred to as the female prostate, the paraurethral glands, or the clitoral cura, depending on the scientist you listen to.  Some women enjoy a combination of the two, i.e., internal penetration while the clitoris is stimulated. And other women enjoy other types of pleasure to reach orgasm, and it’s all good.
I’m often asked about the best kind of sex toy to buy, and the truth is that toy buying should be driven by your spirit of adventure and the pleasure you seek.  I call women “outside gals” if they prefer clitoral stimulation; “inside gals” if they prefer internal stimulation alone, and “combo gals” if they like both at the same time. The right toy depends on the kind of stimulation you prefer.
Stop worrying about whether you own a G Spot or want to stroke your U, C, or A spot. Touch whatever feels good and toss out the instruction books.