Sexuality Counseling & Education


Teens and adults benefit from accurate information about a range of sexuality topics. Teens may need answers they can’t get in school if their teachers have limited training in or comfort with the sexuality education. They may need to build social or sexual decision-making skills; seek information about sexual orientation or gender; or they may need help navigating decisions around sexual behavior, consent, and safer sex. Sexuality education with a highly qualified adult is a far better option than leaving teens to meander into online chat rooms and porn sites for answers.

Adults often have questions about desire, arousal and orgasm; creativity; sex and chronic illness or disability; or toys, lubrication, and assistive devices. They may seek resources, like product websites, books, or instructional videos. All of these conversations with teens and adults are in the realm of sexuality education. One, hour-long session is often sufficient.

Sex ed workshops and special events are a fun way to learn in a relaxed atmosphere. I offer puberty workshops for children and the adults in their lives; body image workshops for adults; workshops for parents; and programs for adult community groups. Email me, and we can develop a special program for your group.


Adults who need more personalized help often benefit from sexuality counseling. Over the course of several sessions, we discuss questions, concerns, and interests. I help clients determine how they want me to help them, which may include fostering conversations between partners, exploring sexual scripts, and examining values and frameworks. I often recommend at-home assignments like journaling, conversation topics, body exploration exercises (solo or partnered), or other activities customized to my client’s needs.

Counseling is also an option for parents who want to learn how to be their children’s primary sexuality educators or who wish to learn more about their child’s gender identity or sexual orientation. I help adults examine their concerns and priorities with the goal of helping them welcome their child’s sexual identity journey with love and support.

Clients determine the frequency and number of sessions, which makes counseling an affordable, convenient option.


A well-crafted sexuality policy, whether to protect individual rights or to set behavioral boundaries, can be very helpful for schools and assisted living facilities. The process typically includes a needs assessment followed by consultation with your Board of Directors or Trustees to determine their commitment to policy development, staff training, and implementation. The policy will be drafted with input from administrators and staff and will be revised as needed to ensure it meets your organization’s needs. Staff training and resident policy awareness programs follow.

My consulting practices also includes needs assessments and the development of sexuality education curricula and programming. I do not do in-school sexuality education or one-off school programs.


If you are looking for a different type of program for a medical meeting, conference, pre-conference seminar, or medical student or educator group, I would be delighted to create a memorable and effective training for you. My programs are highly interactive, typically featuring experiential learning that helps participants make immediate meaning of new knowledge.

I’m available for guest lectures at seminaries, universities, and medical schools.

Unitarian Universalist Programming

Please contact me for information about a range of highly-popular Sunday programs and sexuality education talks.