Schools & Organizations

Put a lively new spin on sex education & communication

Honest Exchange LLC provides engaging, results-oriented presentations, guest lectures, workshops and Lunch ’n Learn programs that build knowledge and skills.

Topics include

  • Communication Skills (Interpersonal & Workplace)
  • Social & Sexual Decision-Making
  • Self-esteem
  • Parent-Child Communication about Sexuality
  • Sexual Health (Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Educators and Healthcare Personnel)

“I will definitely be able to use these ideas at work!”
– Nurse, community hospital

“Sometimes sex and other topics are uncomfortable to talk about, and Ms. Davis helps get people to listen to each other and talk in a different and better way.”
– 9th grader

“The activities really get thinking about my own values, and they help me through thoughtful experience.”
– College student

“Melanie is dynamic, friendly and approachable. This is no cold, scientific explanation of the birds and bees; rather, it is a warm, funny, down-to-earth explanation of when, how, and what I can say to my kids at even a young age.”
– Mother of two

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