Public Speaking

When I engage your audience, they will laugh, listen and learn!

My programs build knowledge, skills and confidence, with topics and tone to suit your needs.   You may want a program that is academic, professional, casual, or hard-hitting — Together, we will create an inspiring sexuality education event.

“Three words: You are wonderful! Your presentation was awesome, and the Q & A afterwards was even better. What I loved? You looked like everyone’s Aunt. Thank you so much.”
Rina Valen, President, Fantasia Home Parties

I received this note after my Seasons of Women’s Sexual Lives training at the 2011 Fantasia Home Parties National Sales Meeting. The “aunt” comment refers to Valen’s entreaty that her romance consultants find common ground with customers (e.g., “It’s nice to meet you! Funny, you look a lot like my aunt…”); in other words, she valued the common ground I found with her consultants as well as my relateability.

My speaking practice ranges from anatomy and function lectures to a CME workshop on Cancer, Intimacy, and Self-Esteem for  the Current Issues in Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Symposium; to How to Begin Conversations about Sexuality for a medical conference; and The Care and Feeding of Your Changing Body for a adolescents and their parents.

“This was no cold, scientific explanation of the birds and bees from an academic; rather, it was a warm, funny, down-to-earth explanation of when, how and what I can say to my kids.”

“Melanie’s demeanor was professional, witty and very friendly, making everyone comfortable with a subject that can be quite awkward.”

The need for sexuality education and communication is nearly universal, as everyone has questions about the workings of relationships and the sexual body. Some people need knowledge for personal use, while professionals in education, healthcare, long-term care, ministry, and other fields need to increase knowledge and comfort with the topic of sexuality so they can address their constituents’ concerns.

In the mood for something different?

I also speak at private sex ed parties. In a relaxed, no-holds-barred evening, you and your guests will be guided through a predetermined topic in a fun, yet sensitive manner. You can also let your guests guide the flow of conversation as they ask questions on anonymous cards in a fast-paced “Ask the Expert” session.

“My friends and I had a blast! Thanks so much for the memorable evening.”

Learn more about my programs and services, you can also contact me for any questions or comments you may have.

Melanie Davis, PhD
Honest Exchange, LLC

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