Training for Professionals and Paraprofessionals

Creative solutions for your sexuality training needs
My training and on-going support services ensure that the programs and training you sponsor meet your goals and objectives; suit your audience; and represent your organization’s mission and values. Individuals and organizations that I consult for include:

    • Agencies serving older adults
    • Community service agencies
    • Faith communities
    • Schools
    • Healthcare practices and systems
    • Medical schools and annual meetings
    • Long-term care facilities/communities
    • Undergrad and Graduate classes

Resource assessment & development
Upon request, I will evaluate your website, curricula, and other resources to see if they meet your goals, objectives, and values pertaining to messaging and policies related to sexuality.

  • Policies: Do you have policies that suit today’s recommendations regarding sexual expression, behavior, and workplace expectations? I can help you develop policies and trainings that ensure that everyone in your organization understands your values and expectations.
  • Resources: I can create or recommend curricula, brochures, books, articles, websites, textbooks, videos and other educational tools for your employees, clients, residents, and constituents.

To learn more or to schedule a training email me or call me at 908-568-8349