Sex Ed for Individuals and Couples

You deserve answers.

It’s perfectly natural to have questions about sexuality. It’s important to get accurate answers to ease your mind, protect your health, and experience more pleasure.

My sexuality counseling and education clients include teens, college students and adults–single or partnered–who want to make informed sexual decisions, increase their sexual knowledge or creativity, gain self-acceptance, protect their sexual health, improve relationships, and gain confidence.

I see clients online as well as in the offices of Lifeline Medical Associates in Bedminster and Morristown, NJ. All visits are by appointment, following a free screening phone call. Your consult will remain confidential unless you ask me to share information with your healthcare provider or other designee.
I welcome clients of all sexual identities and all cultural, racial, and spiritual backgrounds.

What happens during an individual or couples counseling or education session?
When you first call or email me, I will ask some questions to understand your concerns/needs. This will be a free conversation after which we may schedule an appointment, or I may refer you to a sex therapist or medical provider. 

Sessions last an hour, during which time we will establish how you want me to help you, some objectives for our work together, and an estimated timeframe. Many clients only need one visit, while others find that additional visits are helpful to address complex or multiple concerns. We will begin by discussing your sexual history as it applies to your specific concern. Then, our consultation will involve discussion that may incorporate illustrations, handouts, resource recommendations.  You are welcome to take notes.
At all times, I will respect your culture, values, comfort and privacy in the way I provide information.

Purchasing sessions

Session fees must be paid in advance or at the time of service. 60-minute sessions are $175 each. Session fees are non–refundable, so please only purchase sessions after completing your free initial screening call.
Sessions may be purchased online from this website’s Shop or at the time of service via Venmo, cash, or a check payable to Honest Exchange LLC.

If you are given a gift certificate for a session, you may transfer it to another person only upon approval by Dr. Davis. This ensures that I am the appropriate professional for the recipient’s needs. 

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